Image by Rogerio Stella.
Roger Waters, In The Flesh, São Paulo, circa 2002. Photograph by Rogerio Stella.

This had not been my first photojournalistic coverage of a rock concert, not even of a major internationally renowned performer. But it was my first time in front of Roger Waters. ¶ With already a career of over three decades by then, the former Pink Floyd frontman finally made his way to my country. Maybe it was because I was, and still am, a fan. Maybe it was because secretly this was the type of journalism I wanted to devote more of my time doing. Or maybe even it was may love for those celebrated black and white, grainy and smoky portraits of jazz masters performing in the 1950’s and 60’s, but for this particular show I also took along my Nikon F4 with several rolls of black and white film with my mind set on experimenting. Different ISO settings alongside different post processing procedures, longing for a certain look, longing for my own photographic language. ¶ The result of those two nights shooting In The Flesh not only spawned my photographic career, but years later would lead me to meet the man himself when he returned with his following tour. Normally I make a point to never demonstrate nervousness backstage at a concert, this was the exception to the rule!

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